Frog Rush

Frog Rush

Time to play leap frog, and get your army of frogs home safely and away from the hungry stork!

In Frog Rush players need to get their five frogs across the pond and to their home base. On a turn, you roll the die, then take one of three actions depending on the roll:

• Move one frog 1-3 spaces. • Leap one frog over an adjacent frog to an empty space, repeating the leaps if you want to and can. • Move the stork onto a frog that hasn't reached the safety of home, and remove the frog from the game. Dinner!

The game ends when all of one player's frogs are home safely or in the stork's belly. Each frog at home scores 1-3 points depending on its location, and the player with the most points wins.

Released: 2011
EAN: 5702014735675
Publishers: LEGO
Designers: Nicolas Assenbrunner
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