Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is a new push-your-luck game that's a deceptively difficult challenge. Like all great PYL games, the rules are simple, with you repeating the Dragon Hunt until you decide to stop. The very interesting twist is the player challenges. The ability to challenge — and rewards for passing or failing when challenged — add a dimension to everything that you do on your turn. What order do you go after dragons? When do you stop? When do you challenge? Who do you challenge? How do you get others not to challenge you?!

Dragon Slayer game board
Released: 2014
  • 0804551093753
  • 0804551093760
Publishers: Indie Boards and Cards
Designers: David J. Mortimer
Artists: Nick Hayes
Dragon Slayer game board
Dragon Slayer dice
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Dragon Slayer game board

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