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Dust Tactics: British Paratroops, 3rd Para Brigade - "Red Devils"

  60 min.
Axis soldiers had pinned down Captain Joseph Brown where they had bunkered in a Scapa Flow alley. As he and his men watched bullets trace the air over their heads, the thundering footsteps of a combat walker began to approach. Before he even saw the walker, he heard its massive cannon blast, and a nearby wall exploded, sending rubble flying. "Where are those reinforcements?" the Captain shouted. He didn't hear his sergeant's response, but saw, instead, the sun glinting off three heavily armored paratroopers.
Save the day with the Allied Red Devils, the elite armored members of the British 3rd Paratroop Brigade. Land them on the battlefield to launch powerful energy pulses at enemy combat walkers with their 60W Phaser Guns. read more...

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