Expansion for

Dust Tactics: Axis Hero Pack - "Stefan / Totenmeister / Grenadier X"

  45 min.
The new Dust Tactics: Axis Hero Pack allows players to guide their Axis Zombie units with one (or both) of two new Heroes with the Blutkreuz Zombie skill.
Shrugging off small arms fire with his Damage Resilient skill, Grenadier X flings himself into Close combat with his circular saw where he cuts into troops and walkers indiscriminately. Any Allied forces that don't fall to Grenadier X and any zombie squad he joins may find themselves concerned by the sinister presence of TotenMeister. Not only did this Blutkreuz Korps experiment manage to cheat death and become both Damage Resilient and ferociously strong, but her supply of Wiederbelebungsserum allows her to recover from nearly any wound. read more...

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