Dino Hunt dice

Dino Hunt dice

How many dinosaurs can you catch? Roll the Dino Hunt Dice and see! In this quick game for parents and kids, you are capturing dinosaurs for your zoo. Roll the dinosaur picture, and you caught him! If you get a leaf, the dino is hiding, and you can try again. If you get a footprint you are STOMPED! Push your luck to catch as many as you can, but stop rolling before you\'re stomped three times, or you will lose them all.

Dino Hunt dice dice
Released: 2012
  • 0793631015955
  • 0754295277653
  • 0837654321546
Publishers: Steve Jackson Games
Designers: Steve Jackson
Artists: Ben Williams
Dino Hunt dice dice
Dino Hunt dice back of the box

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Dino Hunt dice dice

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