Farsight: The War Chest

Farsight: The War Chest

Expansion for Farsight

From the striding assault unit to the towering Prtototype mech, the FARSIGHT universe is full of incredible units designed by talented artists from all around the world - all brought to life in this collection by sculptor Toby O'Hara.

Whether you're storming an enemy base with your heroic Infantry or ambushing from a forest with a fearsome armour unit, The FARSIGHT Warchest is the best way to bring your games to life.


  • 12 'Infantry' Models
  • 9 'Artillery' Models
  • 7 'Assault' Models
  • 7 'Armour' Models
  • 5 'Prototype' Models
EAN: 0655003984125
Publishers: Braincrack Games
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