30 min.
Four adventurers. Four attacks... but only one will slay the monster.In Squish’em!: Fantasy – you will play the Elf, the Summoner, the Barbarian and the Speller against more than 20 different monsters : a Cute Lil Bunny, a Cockatrice, a Manotaur, a Hat Golem, a Boy scout…These “monsters” (often cute or funny) are too terrorized to counter-attack, but be careful because the other players want the same thing you want : give the coup de grâce to that adorable little creature.
cards earth damage attack magic monsters elf paralyze order hit points summoner speller barbarian saliva salvo coffee break sweat swipe tiger tango poisonous blast 9000 lbs blade type priority dryad sparkle stars natures call abyssal goat range demonic see cuke final blow annoying ghost blarney the dino paralyzes wyvern irish dwarf cute lil bunny flaming sword double trouble philosopher potato

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