Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber

Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber

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This sixth expansion for Carcassonne presents players with 4 mini-expansions. The Count of Carcassonne helps players take over sections that are under another players control. The River 2 creates an interesting beginning by presenting a winding river that splits into two. The King and the Robber award the player who completes the largest city and the one who completes the longest road. Finally, the Heretics and Shrines tiles introduce heretics who challenge monks, trying to score those precious points.

Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber gameplay
Released: 2007
EAN: 681706780061
Designers: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber gameplay
Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber tiles
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Carcassonne: Count, King & Robber gameplay

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