Big Game Night 2016 box
Big Game Night 2016 box
Big Game Night 2016

Big Game Night 2016

15-45 min. 14+

AEG's Big Game Night has been a hit event at Gen Con Indy for the last three years. Now you can also have all of the same excitement without buying a plane ticket! Enjoy these great AEG games, available only in this box, this year. In this box you will find 4 games from acclaimed designer Seiji Kanai (Love Letter, Lost Legacy, Cheaty Mages):

  • 1 copy of Love Letter -- Kanai Edition with oversized cards
  • 1 copy of Say Adios to the Villains
  • 1 copy of Eight Epics -- Kanai Edition
  • 1 copy of Regality and Religion -- Kanai Edition

You will also find:

  • 2 boxes fitted to contain up to 7 games from AEG's pocket line!
  • 3 empty pocket line boxes to store gaming components such as dice, tokens or even other games!
  • 2016
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