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Sails of Glory Ship Pack: Argonauta 1806 / Heroe 1808

  45+ min.
The 74-guns Argonauta was a ship-of-the-line of the Spanish Armada that had previously served in the French Navy under the name Argonaute and participated to the battle of Trafalgar. She was transferred to the Spanish fleet in 1806 in exchange for the Vencedor. After a short career, it was used as prison ship in Cádiz during the French siege of the city. On 26th of May, French prisoners broke their mooring lines and ship went adrift and wrecked. In order to prevent the French from using it, British and Spanish sent gunners boats to set fire to the ship: Argonauta was destroyed by flames and sunk on 29th of May 1810. This ship pack can also be used to represent the Spanish Téméraire Class ship-of-the-line "Heroe 1808". read more...

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