GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck invites you to partake in the secret struggle of the Gubs. Each player competes to build the largest, strongest colony by the time the three dreaded Letter Cards emerge from the deck and end the game. Their world is a place filled with danger; from giant Omen Beetles who consume the delicate Gub Cities to Flash Floods to deadly Wasps, your gubs hardly stand a chance on their own... but arm them with Spears, let ride the valiant Toad Riders, build Mushroom Barricades and lead your colony through the forest underbrush and to victory.

Wit and Luck. You'll need them both. The gubs are counting on you.

GUBS components
Released: 2007
EAN: 0759751002442
Artists: Israel Woolfolk
GUBS components
GUBS cards
GUBS back of the box
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Fnac BE be nl € 8.94
Summoner nl € 9.95
Spelhuis nl € 10.99
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Spellenhuis nl € 11.95
Fun nl € 11.99
Spellenrijk nl € 11.95
Spelgezel nl € 11.00
Amazon_fr nl € 12.64
SpelSpul nl € 12.00 nl € 15.95
Vivolanda nl € 16.95
Amazon_de nl € 18.36
Amazon_de gb € 24.99
Amazon_fr gb € 27.02
Amazon_es gb € 28.99
Amazon_it gb € 28.99
Amazon_it nl € 42.16
Amazon_es nl € 42.43
Meeples Bordspellen nl € 11.95
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GUBS components

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