In Chickyboom, the chickens are hanging out on their colorful wooden perch — but if one of them decides to leave, the whole perch will teeter. Collect as many chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels before the rocking perch topples. How many pieces can you save? The chickens, hay bales and wagon wheels have different weights, meaning different point values. The player with the highest score wins the game. Selecting a heavier piece receives more points but entails more risk of making the perch topple. If you cause the perch to topple, five points are deducted from your total.

Chickyboom gameplay
Released: 2014
EAN: 0803979003504
Publishers: Blue Orange Games
Designers: Thierry Denoual
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Amazon_de gb € 30.49 
Philibert € 35.50 
Amazon_it gb € 37.60 
Amazon_de es € 39.44 
Amazon_es gb € 43.60 
Amazon_it es € 47.16 
Amazon_fr gb € 51.94 
Amazon_fr es € 61.49 gb € 34.98 
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Chickyboom gameplay

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