Bios: Genesis

Bios: Genesis

In Bios: Genesis, one to four players start as organic compounds shortly after Earth's formation, represented by up to three Biont tokens. The Amino Acids command Metabolism, the lipids create cells, the pigments control energy absorption and storage, and the nucleic acids control templated replication. Their goal is a double origin of life: first as Autocatalytic Life (a metabolic cycle reproducing, yet not replicating, its own constituents), and the second as Darwinian Life (an Organism using a template to replicate in an RNA world). Players can play cooperative, competitive, or solitaire.

Bios: Genesis gameplay
Released: 2016
EAN: 6533410400602
Designers: Phil Eklund
Bios: Genesis gameplay
Bios: Genesis components
Bios: Genesis cards
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Bios: Genesis gameplay

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