Revenge of the Dictators

  45-105 min.
Welcome to your favorite holiday destination: Hawaii! Hawaii is a place to relax, drink lots of cocktails, and do nothing all day — except, of course, if you're a dictator. So what are dictators doing during their holidays? The same thing they do every day: Trying to take over the world! And what is a better place to start then that pesky "Ol' Murica"?
Revenge of the Dictators is a way too competitive board game for 2-5 players. For the course of the game (yes, only during the game) each player becomes a vicious self-loving dictator. The ultimate goal of the game is easy: race across the map of North America, confront the President, take over the USA, and by doing so gain absolute control of America's forces and therefore the world! read more...

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