Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness

  45 min.
Based on the computer game 'The Angel of Darkness'. Lara Croft is accused of a murder and tries to find the five pieces of evidence to prove her innocence. At the same time is 'Pieter van Eckhardt' trying to obtain possession of paintings from the museum.
Both quests are taking place in the museum at night. The players sneak in, exposing the system of corridors by opening playing tiles. On five tiles are secret rooms, which contains paintings and/or paintings, which the team try to get out one by one. You get points for the discovery and objects belonging to your quest, but you can also remove tiles the opponents want.
You opponent will do everything in their power to stop you by shooting at you, blocking corridors and stealing your points. read more...

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