Dein Körper und Du

Dein Körper und Du box
1 - 4 
20 - 30 min. 
During this game, you will learn about the human body: the operation of the ear, the causes of muscle pain, the different teeth, ...

The teacher (= tiptoi pen) asks you to choose one of the 14 childrens in her class, they'll ask something and she will explain it. Afterwards, she will give you some excercises to learn about the human body.

F.e. you'll have to find the listed tooth or you have to represent a certain feeling which the other players will have to guess. Each time, you'll be doing other excercises and you'll get 1 or 2 points, depending on how good you did this game. Sometimes you'll be doing these tests by yourself, other things should be done by all players. After a few rounds, the teacher will announce how many points you scored and who won the game!

This game works with the tiptoi-pen and can't be played without it.

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