De Poorters van Nieuwstad

De Poorters van Nieuwstad box
2 - 4 
60 min. 
'De Poorters van Nieuwstad' originated from a unique collaboration between a group of about 3000 gamers and 999Games-lovers. Through the project, called "The Perfect Game", we have tried to create a perfect game. So, everyone could vote for: the game system, duration of the game, number of players, concept, title and artwork. The gamers decided upon the elements and the basis. On this basis, people could send in games concepts, add from those, Tycho van den Broek emerged as the winner. 999Games has developed the concept and the wishes of the voters into a complete game!

In this exciting board game, players found a new city. This develops through the construction of new buildings, growing the number of Burghers ("Poorters") that live there. As prosperity increases, the Burghers replace the surrounding forest wuth green pastures and waving fields of grain. In the city, stately mansions are erected and is worked at the City Hall, the Hospice and other community buildings.

On your turn, you always choose a character, such as the Lumberjack or the Sheriff. THen, all players can perform this character's action. You get a privilege added to this action. You can earn points by placing buildings and selling much needed food. The game includes different specialists such as the Baker, the Fishmonger and the Tavern. As a result, there are infinitely many strategic options. But the Middle Ages were certainly not free of hazards such as crime, wolves plague and the Black Death, which may appear through the playing of cards. If you are the first to score 30 points, you win the game.

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