Hope City

Hope City box
3 - 6 
45 - 180 min. 
Hope City is a cooperative board game for 3-6 players. The Citizens work together to achieve objectives, construct City Sites, and build Hope City. But Punks attack, corrupt, and make objectives harder to achieve. If Citizens become corrupt, they can break bad. If they fail objectives, Urban Blights can emerge! The Citizens have 7 years to build Hope City otherwise chaos could bring the city to ruin!

Citizens collect resources which they use to attempt an objective card. There are conditions too which must be met to achieve the objective. Sometimes this requires a vote, rolling the dice, moving to a different city space, removing a punk, or pulling the right resource from the bag. Every objective has rewards for success or consequences for failure. The major objectives always reward success with "Construct 1 City Site." But they are expensive and take collaboration. There are some cheaper objectives that offer this reward but more luck is needed.

Citizens have talents & temptations as actions. Temptations corrupt citizens as do successful Punk attacks. If the citizen takes too much corruption, they break bad and can harm the team. Citizens can become good again, though.


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