Bruges in the 15th century culture and commerce flourish and make the Belgian Hanseatic city into one of the wealthiest cities in Europe. In Bruges (a.k.a. Brugge or Brügge depending on the country in which you live), players assume the role of merchants who must maintain their relationships with those in power in the city while competing against one another for influence, power and status. Dramatic events cast their shadows over the city, with players needing to worry about threats to their prosperity from more than just their opponents...

Bruges gameplay
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Summoner nl € 37.95
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Philibert fr € 39.95
Spelgezel nl € 41.00
Spelhuis nl € 42.99
Spellenvariant nl € 43.25
Fun nl € 44.99 nl € 51.95
Spellenvariant gb € 57.99
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Bruges gameplay

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