Like a modern Indiana Jones, you've managed to break into the accursed temple! But when the time comes to divvy up the treasure, everyone wants as many jewels as they can get, and there's no limit to how low they'll stoop! But don't forget: A real Aztec temple is always stocked with plenty of traps and curses….

Take the jewels in Aztec, and try to avoid the curses so you can collect the most important treasure over the course of five rounds, during which clever bluffing is the key to success.

Aztec components
Released: July 2020
EAN: 3760146646889
Publishers: Matagot
Artists: Sabrina Tobal
Aztec components
Aztec components
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Adriaensen Speciaalzaak € 13.40 gb € 13.46 gb € 13.75 gb € 14.72
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Aztec components

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