Dice City: All That Glitters

Dice City: All That Glitters

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The nobles of Rolldovia have struck a rich vein of gold, and now it is time to put it to good use! The competition to be the new capital has now taken on a new twist, with not just new architecture, but the power to inspire through great craftsmanship or simply extravagant displays of wealth. But beware, there is a limited supply. It is time to show off all that glitters; it is time to once again roll, build, and win!

Dice City: All That Glitters includes three new locations of each type, military, economic, cultural and civic, as well as a new location available throughout the game: the Gold Mine, a Commodity location. This expansion also comes with a supply of gold tokens with which to play.

Dice City: All That Glitters game board
Released: 2016
EAN: 0729220058485
Publishers: Alderac Entertainment Group
Designers: Vangelis Bagiartakis
Artists: Gong Studios
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Magierspiele gb € 19.40 
Amazon_de gb € 21.16 
Amazon_es gb € 23.42 
Amazon_fr gb € 24.63 
Amazon_it gb € 24.63 
FantasyWelt gb € 30.49 

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Dice City: All That Glitters game board

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