Relic Expedition

Relic Expedition

Relic Expedition is a jungle exploration game with a variable board, hand management, collectible treasures, and dangerous wild animals!

The game board starts small, with only a few of the tiles revealed. As players explore the jungle, new tiles are revealed and the board grows in unpredictable ways, making for a completely different game each time. Hidden in the jungle, you'll find six different types of treasures made of six different materials. To win, you must collect four matching treasures, either four of the same type or four of the same material, and fly away from the jungle to victory.

Relic Expedition gameplay
Released: 2014
  • 0091037627223
  • 0787551963489
  • 0699687161847
  • 0775070498483
Designers: Randy Hoyt
Relic Expedition gameplay
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Relic Expedition gameplay

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