Don't Point the Finger

Don't Point the Finger

In Der magische Finger (The magic finger), a life sized green hand crawls around the table. It rotates around the thumb planted in the middle of the table, until it stops and points at a person.

They are given the choice between 'TRUTH' (eg. Have you ever stolen anything;What's the best thing about the person on your left) and 'DARE' (ie. Act like you're cleaning the room; pretend you're 90 years old) If the other players don't think you have done a good enough job they can make you do the punishment (ie. name 5 composers while everyone else counts to 10). First player to six points wins.

Don't Point the Finger components
Released: 2006
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Designers: Paul Lamond
Don't Point the Finger components
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Don't Point the Finger components

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