90 min.
A new world is about to arise. A horde of GodZ are battling to be the most powerful deity of the pantheon: Will you play the role of Tud, God of Mountains, Mud and Ugly Snouts? Or will you dwell in the ocean bottom with Glu, God of the Sea, of Fried Fish and of Octoguys? Whichever god you are going to incarnate, you will lay the foundations of your brand new cult, creating life, building temples and guiding your mighty Avatar amongst mortals. Lead your followers in epic, god-sized battles, and become the most powerful of the GodZ!
In GodZ, players take control of one of the deities of the world of Super Fantasy: Ugly Snouts Assault. The game takes place on a modular, hexed board that is built up by players as the game proceeds. read more...

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points buildings build water hexes city cities desert actions fight hexagons forest battle conquer regions stars followers forests gods wonders deserts worship adored pray

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