Exploding Kittens: Barking Kittens

Barking Kittens is the third expansion to Exploding Kittens, the award-winning, family-friendly card game that has sold nearly 10 million copies worldwide.

  • This expansion pack will boost, bolster, and barkify the rules of the original game.
  • Includes 20 new cards that refresh gameplay and add new cutthroat strategies.
  • Includes a wearable headpiece that allows you to hold a secret stash of cards on your head. It forces others to steal cards not from your hand, but draw from the depths of your gigantic cat crown, which is filled with stash cards.
  • The Barking Kitten cards can either help you or hurt you -- when played properly, they'll steal half of your opponent's hand. When played badly, you lose half your hand.
Exploding Kittens: Barking Kittens cards
Released: 2020
EAN: 0852131006310
Publishers: Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens: Barking Kittens cards
Exploding Kittens: Barking Kittens back of the box
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Exploding Kittens: Barking Kittens cards

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