Catan: Big Box

The game of Catan in a Big Box. Relive Catan in several new ways.

The Catan Big Box combines the base game with several expansions:
- Catan: Traders & Barbarians.
- Catan geographies: Mallorca and New York.
- A tableau with two monuments from Berlin.
- Helpers of Catan, a variant with character cards that have special abilities.
- A set of pink playing pieces for swapping out another color.

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Dreamland € 55.50 View € 62.99 View  
Spellenrijk € 64.95 View € 65.44 View € 69.29 View € 69.29 View € 69.29 View  
Fun € 69.99 View  
Sheepgames € 72.20 View  
Spellenhuis € 89.90 View  
Lotana € 90.50 View € 106.99 View  



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