Hero Realms: Ancestry

Hero Realms: Ancestry

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The 20-card Ancestry pack allows you to play Hero Realms as a Dwarf, Elf, Ogre, Orc, or Smallfolk. You may use any race with a generic starting deck, or combine them with any character pack. So you could play as an ogre wizard, an elven ranger, a dwarven fighter, or any one of the 30 new race/class combinations.

Hero Realms: Ancestry Smallfolk card
Released: June 2020
  • 0852613005848
  • 0810019150036
Publishers: Wise Wizard Games
Hero Realms: Ancestry Smallfolk card
Hero Realms: Ancestry Battle Rage card
Hero Realms: Ancestry cards
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Hero Realms: Ancestry Smallfolk card

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