Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation


A death curse has befallen everyone who's been raised from the dead. Its victims are rotting away, and all efforts to reverse the decay have failed.

The souls of the dead are being stolen one by one and trapped inside a necromantic artifact. Only its destruction will free the trapped spirits and allow the dead to be raised once more.

All paths lead to Chult, a mysterious land of volcanoes, jungles, and the ruins of fallen kingdoms. Below them all awaits a deadly tomb. The trap is set. Will you take the bait?

A DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure for characters of levels 1–11

For use with the fifth edition Player's Handbook®, Monster Manual®, and Dungeon Master's Guide®

Tomb of Annihilation book
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Tomb of Annihilation book

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