Wings of Glory: WW2 Starter Set

Wings of Glory: WW2 Starter Set box
2 - 4 
45 min. 
Wings of Glory: WW2 Starter Set is a tactical air combat game set in WW2 that uses cards and miniatures.

This first set is a complete game that features four airplanes for the WW2 game series: the American P40, the Russian Yak-1, the Japanese Ki-61 and the Italian Re-2001 Falco. Other components include maneuver decks for each airplane and a rule book that includes Basic, Standard and Advanced Rules, Optional Rules, and Scenarios. A full assortment of counters, tokens, rulers, and airplane console boards complete the set, which can be expanded with additional WW2 Airplane Packs to allow for larger battles with different airplanes.

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