Broomsticks and Backflips

Broomsticks and Backflips

Hexenhochhaus (Witches' Tower) is a race in which four young witches try to reach the magic orb at the top of the Witches' Tower.

The players move their figures based on die rolls and slowly walk up the stairs. However, sometimes they can use a magic broom to travel – and they'll soon find out that flying is faster than walking. There is a catch, though. As in several other children’s games from Drei Magier Spiele, magnets are employed to complicate the movement. Only one side of each figure is attracted to the broom. In order to use the broom, the players will have to discover and remember which side of their figure is attracted to it.

The first witch to reach the top of the tower wins.

Broomsticks and Backflips gameplay
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Broomsticks and Backflips gameplay

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