Perplexus Beast

Perplexus Beast

Do you have what it takes to overcome a 3D maze made up of 100 exciting obstacles? Test your skills with Perplexus Beast! Flip, rotate and turn Perplexus Beast 360 degrees to slide the ball along the numbered path. Overcome tough obstacles like the man who laughs, the tightrope walker and the super spiral without going out of the way! If the ball falls, go back to the beginning and try again. It's such an intense and tortuous challenge that you won't be able to stop playing! With different difficulty levels to overcome, keep rolling the ball with Perplexus Rebel and Perplexus Epic (each sold separately). Level up and take on the challenge of Perplexus Beast!

Perplexus Beast components
EAN: 0778988268575
Publishers: Spin Master Ltd.
Perplexus Beast components
Perplexus Beast components
Perplexus Beast components
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Perplexus Beast components

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