Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion

Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion

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The Nippon Expansion adds a new challenge to Blitzkrieg! What if the Axis coalition had won World War Two, and Germany invaded and occupied the United States of America? And … what if Japan then turned on its former ally and invaded German-held America? With the help of Godzilla?

The Nippon Expansion explores this hypothetical scenario! One player controls the German forces and the other player controls the Japanese forces in a battle for domination of America in an alternate universe 1946.

Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion gameplay
Released: November 2019
EAN: 5060226932399
Designers: Paolo Mori
Artists: Paul Sizer
Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion gameplay
Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion components
Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion components
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Blitzkrieg!: Nippon Expansion gameplay

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