Fast & Fhtagn

Fast & Fhtagn

Fast & Fhtagn is a component rich card game in which players jockey for position on crowded, dangerous city streets. As the pack hurtles through an ever-changing urban landscape, racers must squeeze out their adversaries, accumulate style points, and keep their vehicles running smoothly even as dangers rain down and other drivers plot inhuman violence against them.

Climb aboard your Cycle of Self Doubt. Open a canister of Hypnos Oxide. Plant a lucky kiss on your Perverse Bobblehead of Ulthar. If disaster strikes, perhaps there'll be a Welder Thing at the chop shop up ahead.

Be fast! Get fhtagn! Winners bask in glory, losers get fed to the Great Old Ones!

Fast & Fhtagn cards
Released: 2016
EAN: 9781589781597
Publishers: Atlas Games
Designers: Jeff Tidball
Fast & Fhtagn cards
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Magierspiele gb € 28.70
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Fast & Fhtagn cards

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