Poseidon's Kingdom

Poseidon's Kingdom box
2 - 4 
45 min. 
Poseidon has lost his treasured trident, and your friends have disappeared while trying to find it. It turns out they have been captured by evil Hans the Kraken. Suckers! The Kraken plans to make a nice stew out of them. Can you prise open his tentacles, release your friends, and defeat him? Hope so. Oh, it's probably not a good time to mention the shark...

Poseidon's Kingdom features a wave that crashes dice onto the board and the engaging game play of the highly-praised anthill system (from Antics!). On their turns, players first decide whether to improve their abilities by taking an "action tile" or place some of their personal dice onto the big 3D-wave, which is rolled over, when full, distributing up to 15 dice in a couple of seconds randomly all over the board.

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