Electropolis is a strategic city-building boardgame. As the mayor of the ever-growing city, you must plan out the best energy solution to meet the skyrocketing demand of electricity.

The pros and cons of coal-fired plants, green energy, and nuclear power challenge you with tough decisions throughout the game. The dynamic turn order selection mechanic ignites an intense player interaction in pursuit of construction permits for specific zones and crucial tiles to be claimed.

Should you act early to grab the stronger tiles, or wait to be able to construct more buildings and expand your city? Outwit your fellow mayors and build the most magnificent city to win the game!

Electropolis gameplay
Released: 2019
EAN: 0755520663289
Publishers: Homosapiens Lab
Artists: Masha Tace
Electropolis gameplay
Electropolis components
Electropolis cards
Electropolis back of the box
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CrowdFinder gb cn € 39.00
SpelSpul gb cn € 36.00
Philibert gb cn € 39.00

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Electropolis gameplay

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