The Red Dragon Inn: Allies - Halden the Unhinged

  45-60 min.
Halden is a totem-summoning shaman with an undying amount of work to do – his ghostly clientele provides him with plenty of unusual quests. Adventuring for the dead will take its toll on anyone. After all, wouldn’t you be a little off-kilter if you had to listen to restless spirits with unfinished business?
The Good: Halden can draw on the wisdom and power of countless lifetimes.
The Bad: His totems would like to remind you that he isn’t making up the voices in his head.
The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Halden the Unhinged brings a totem shaman to The Red Dragon Inn. Will you be able to master chaining his totems to maximum effect, or will your totem combos whimper? Take this off-kilter adventurer for a spin and find out! read more...

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