Efemeris is a fabulous adventure that carries you away to explore the firmament aboard French, English and Spanish navy vessels. Maneuver through the skies using stellar winds, to be the first Nation to dominate the trade routes by opening the safest courses to your territories.

Efemeris has 2 game modes: a highly competitive duel mode and cooperative team mode.

Play as a fleet commander and use strategy to conquer 5 planets that will ensure the hegemony of your Nation.

Choose your captains for their unique skill, and watch over the recruitment of their crew.

Explore the canopy of heavens and collect the resources needed for your business.

Destroy mercilessly enemy vessels that dare to confront your fleet.

Released: 2018
Publishers: DTDA Games
Designers: Sergio Matsumoto
Artists: Manon "Stripes" Potier
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