Anno 1503

Anno 1503

A boardgame based on a computer game (instead of the other way around) and designed by Klaus Teuber, Anno 1503 views the era of colonization strictly from the home country perspective. Two to four players send ships to explore islands scattered about a 5 x 12 square ocean (the more players, the more islands). The settlement of the new lands is, however, strictly abstract.

Overall, the game falls squarely into the "simultaneous solitaire" category. Except in the race for islands, the players scarcely interact at all. They do, however, have a great many choices to make in the course of play.

Anno 1503 gameplay
Released: 2003
EAN: 0791209218616
Designers: Klaus Teuber
Anno 1503 gameplay
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Anno 1503 gameplay

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