1942 USS Yorktown

1942 USS Yorktown

On the stage of the Pacific battle there was a concrete confrontation that marked a milestone in history: the American aircraft carrier USS Yorktown against the Japanese aircraft carrier IJN Shōhō. It is said that it was the first naval battle where the ships never saw each other and they faced each other launching airplanes to locate their enemy and bomb them.

In this cooperative 1-4 player game designed by Esteban Fernandez, you will take on the role of American pilots taking off from the USS Yorktown to try to locate and sink the Shōhō as you fight the planes it throws at you. Time will be your main enemy, as the game will be played against the clock and there won’t be time to prepare big strategies or for the dreaded “leader effect”.

1942 USS Yorktown gameplay
Released: 2019
EAN: 8425402193365
Publishers: Looping Games
Designers: Esteban Fernandez
Artists: Pedro Soto
1942 USS Yorktown gameplay
1942 USS Yorktown game board
1942 USS Yorktown components
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1942 USS Yorktown gameplay

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