Through the Desert

Through the Desert

In Through the Desert, two to five players each control a tribe of nomads vying for control of the desert. By establishing caravans and taking over oases, the players gain points as their tribes increase in power.

Strategy is essential in deciding how and where to build your tribe's caravans. There are multiple ways to gain points and several ways to win. Should you try to build the longest caravan? Or should you dominate the desert's oases? Don't forget to keep an eye on your opponents' caravans, or you may find your own tribe cut off from valuable water holes.

Mangrovia gameplay
Released: 1998
EAN: 0841333104306
Designers: Reiner Knizia
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Store Languages Price Stock gb € 59.99 gb $ 28.64
Adriaensen Speciaalzaak nl € 25.70
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Mangrovia gameplay

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