The Kids of Catan

The Kids of Catan

A simplified building game for kids, based on the immensely popular The Settlers of Catan, wherein all players take part in the game at all times. The high quality wooden pieces are suitable not only for the game, but also for "free play."

Each player in turn rolls the die, and rotates the village plan clockwise that number of spaces. Resources are collected by each player depending on where their piece lands, and if one of each resource type has been collected by any player, that player may place one of their buildings on the village plan. If a player has built all of their buildings, they may build the Town Hall. The first player to build the Town Hall wins.

The Kids of Catan components
Released: 2003
  • 0793631338078
  • 0791743795567
Designers: Klaus Teuber
The Kids of Catan components
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The Kids of Catan components

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