River Dragons

River Dragons

In Dragon Delta, you want to move your pawn over a system of bridge-like planks to the other side of the board. An easy task! Or at least it would be if everyone were working together, but alas you're not. Instead you're all working on your own right next to one another, each convinced that your way is best.

In game terms, players simultaneously select one card from a set of five actions that's available to each player. The actions allow players to place plank foundations, place planks, move their pawns, cancel other players' actions, or remove planks or foundation stones. As can be expected for a design with simultaneous action selection, the game is rather chaotic.

River Dragons gameplay
Released: 2000
  • 0792463071047
  • 3760146642126
  • 3289880002565
Designers: Roberto Fraga
River Dragons gameplay
River Dragons gameplay
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River Dragons gameplay

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