Burgle Bros.

Burgle Bros.

Burgle Bros. is a cooperative game for 1-­4 players. Players are unique members of a crew trying to pull off a robbery of a highly secure building — without getting caught. The building has three floors (4x4 tiles), each with its own safe to crack. Players start on the first floor and have to escape to their helicopter waiting on the roof.

Players each have three stealth tokens. Whenever they are on the same tile with a guard, they lose one. If any player is caught without a stealth token, the game is over. If players can open all three safes, and escape through the stairs to the roof they win.

Burgle Bros. gameplay
Released: 2015
EAN: 0088234837753
Designers: Tim Fowers
Burgle Bros. gameplay
Burgle Bros. components
Burgle Bros. components
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Philibert fr € 35.90
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Burgle Bros. gameplay

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