Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon

Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon

Expansion for

Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon, an expansion for Captain Sonar, consists of an "Operation Dragon" campaign as well as a "Custom Pack" toolbox. A few details:

  • In search of rare minerals, the crews dive to never-before-seen depths where the laws of physics reach their limits. In the "Operation Dragon" campaign mode, teams can play seven consecutive missions on ever-new nautical charts, using expert characters with abilities exclusive to them to make it through this adventure. The result of each game affects the next mission...

  • The "Custom Pack" toolbox contains four new modules with new options to vary your gaming experience, such as "Armada" mode, new second stations, and new mechanics stations.

Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon characters
Released: 2019
EAN: 3760146645066
Artists: Sabrina Tobal
Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon characters
Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon characters
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Captain Sonar: Operation Dragon characters

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