Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains

Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains

Return to Carvania in the follow-up to Century: Golem Edition.

In Century: Golem Edition – Eastern Mountains, players resume their roles as crystal traders and are now out exploring the Carvania mountain ranges and associated valleys seeking to establish a trade network.

Century Golem: Eastern Mountains reimplements Century: Eastern Wonders but with vivid manga-inspired art. Explore the new gameplay elements and combine this game with Century: Golem Edition to play the unique game "The Call for Adventure".

Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains gameplay
Released: August 2019
EAN: 0826956400509
Publishers: Plan B Games
Designers: Emerson Matsuuchi
Online stores
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Amazon_com gb $ 34.95 
CrowdFinder gb € 43.49 
Amazon_de gb € 50.51 
Amazon_it gb € 57.56 
Amazon_es gb € 62.14 
Amazon_fr gb € 75.02 

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Century: Golem Edition - Eastern Mountains gameplay

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