Risk Europe

Risk Europe

Control the crowns, control Europe in the Risk Europe game--an exciting game of medieval conquest. The game challenges players to step into the role of a medieval king and rule feudal Europe by building castles, taxing subjects, expanding territories, and engaging in battle. This in-depth game of strategy and conquest offers serious gamers a premium gameplay experience. It features 4 separate armies and 7 unique starting kingdoms, each with its own strengths and abilities, plus Kings Orders cards that play an important role in strategy.

Risk Europe gameplay
Released: 2015
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Designers: Austin Rucker
Risk Europe gameplay
Risk Europe gameplay
Risk Europe components
Risk Europe components
Risk Europe miniatures
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Amazon_com gb $ 32.84 
Amazon_com gb $ 48.99 
Amazon_es es € 79.99 
Amazon_de gb € 89.98 
Amazon_fr gb € 160.79 
Amazon_it de € 199.48 
Amazon_es de € 216.22 
Amazon_fr de € 218.88 

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Risk Europe gameplay

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