Scythe: Modular Board

Scythe: Modular Board

Expansion for

The Scythe: Modular Board expansion allows you to change the landscape of Eastern Europa every time you play Scythe thanks to its double-sided game board and four large double-sided landscape tiles. Faction locations, i.e., the home base tiles, change each time you play.

The modular board adds a drafting element to set-up, along with a variant for a tighter map at lower player counts.

Featured Components:

  • 1 double-sided board (624x818mm, same size as the standard Scythe board)
  • 4 double-sided tiles (7 hexes per tile)
  • 8 home base tiles
  • 8 structure bonus tiles
  • 1 rulebook (11 languages)
  • Automa rules for solo play
Scythe: Modular Board game board
Released: 2019
EAN: 0653341028808
Publishers: Stonemaier Games
Designers: Jamey Stegmaier
Artists: Jakub Rozalski
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Scythe: Modular Board game board

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