Outlive: Underwater

Outlive: Underwater

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The Outlive: Underwater expansion introduces a new location: the Submarine Base. By going there, you can perform new actions, such as building a robot, raising the radioactivity in your opponents' shelters, or recruiting scientists. It also includes a new leader, new events, and a new room for your shelter. Forget everything you know about Outlive, and rethink your strategies if you want to guide your clan to victory!

This expansion also includes a solo mode to play Outlive alone — in case all your friends succumbed to the radioactivity!

Outlive: Underwater components
Released: December 2018
EAN: 3770004610372
Publishers: La Boite de jeu
Designers: Grégory Oliver
Artists: Miguel Coimbra
Outlive: Underwater components
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Outlive: Underwater components

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