Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Palm Trees comes with 78 cards that represent fronds and coconuts. All of the cards have rules telling you the crazy ways you have to hold them: between thumb and pinky only, palm and index finger only, can't touch other cards, and more. Pick challenging cards for your opponents, and hope they drop their cards! The best tree wins! To add to the fun, Palm Trees includes trunk tattoo sleeves to wear on your tree-arm!

Palm Trees can also be played in teams of two. One player is growing palm trees in both their hands, while their partner places the cards into those trees. Be the first team to place six cards in each tree to win!

Palm Trees card
Released: 2019
EAN: 0634482737644
Publishers: Wizkids
Designers: Andrew J. Smith
Palm Trees card
Palm Trees card
Palm Trees card
Palm Trees back of the box
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Palm Trees card

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