Halo: Fleet Battles - UNSC Core Battle Group Upgrade

Halo: Fleet Battles - UNSC Core Battle Group Upgrade box
45 - 90 min. 
The contents of this boxed set can be used by UNSC players to either upgrade their Halo: Fleet Battles force with additional medium and small firepower or act as the foundation for a new force. At the heart of the upgrade box are four Marathon-class Heavy Cruisers and 24 Paris-class Frigates, a fantastic core addition to any UNSC fleet. Marathon Heavy Cruisers are the bulk heavy hitters for the UNSC, able to be deployed in either a standalone or supported role, and are commonly fielded in Battle Groups consisting of Paris-class Frigates in either Arrowhead or Trident Formation. Also in the box are Formation Bases and Ship Overlay Sheets for all models included.


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